Tia Biggs Doula Edmonton

Tia was very supportive and encouraging throughout my entire labour and childbirth. Even though, my birth didn’t go quite as planned, Tia helped me through it all and was there for me no matter what decisions I made. I highly recommend Tia as a doula.

-ML, New Mom

Tia was extremely knowledgeable with breastfeeding, latching, milk storage, babywearing and any other questions I had. If it wasn’t for the help and guidance from Tia I may not have been so successful with breastfeeding. We are so thankful for our experience with Tia and we look forward to having her as our doula for our next baby in the future. Thank you so much Tia!

-KV, New Mom

Photos by The Gray Hive Photography

Historically the childbearing years were a time of community and companionship. Women welcomed their children surrounded by sisters, aunts, mothers and grandmothers, and as such had access not only to their support but also their wisdom. The women around a new mother had not only raised their own children, but had also supported many new mothers as they transitioned into motherhood. They had an intimate knowledge of the woman and of birth.

Today, maternal care looks quite different. Fathers and maternal healthcare providers form the foundational support team and while this has brought with it incredible advances in maternal safety as well as additional involvement of fathers, it has also left new families incredibly isolated. A doula helps to correct this. By contributing not only compassionate care but also experiential knowledge of the birth and postpartum period, doulas help bridge this gap, allowing families to experience the best of both the past and present. Families have access to state of the art care, fathers form an integral part of the support team, and doulas complete this team by offering a rich knowledge base and additional wholehearted care that is accessible the mother and her support team.