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A little about me 

Growing up, I loved all things math. I loved the formulas, the rhythmn, and above all else, the presence of black and white answers. I found comfort in the lack of ambiguity. Though I would still self identify as a little neurotic and type A (because who doesn't love a good list!) I understand now more than ever the pitfalls of dichotomous thinking and try to incorporate this awareness into my work as a doula.


In terms of philosophy, I was raised in a house where we weren't afraid to try a homeopathic or suffer through the wrath of oregano oil but also with a deep respect for science. To this day, I truly believe that traditional and holistic medicine can successfully coexist and even complement each other. This belief guides my work as a doula as I have a genuine appreciation for the contributions of both modern and alternative medicine. 

When not attending births, I am for all intents and purposes a busy busy bee! I am currently pursing a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Psychology at the University of Alberta, running a volunteer organization called Cognitive Connections, and sitting the board of the Edmonton Doula Association. Any leftover time is spent golfing (quite poorly), baking, going to country music concerts, or indulging in a bit of Greys Anatomy.


My hope for the future is to continue on to medical school and above all else, start a family. 





Full Circle Birth Collective


Healing After Birth

Jennifer Summerfeldt



Spinning Babies

Tammy Ryan


Infant First Aid & CPR

Little Lungs First Aid

A Few Fun Facts

  •  I LOVE the snow! 
  • I was my high school's valedictorian
  • I am a sucker for a good rom-com
  • I think steak is gross (probably my most unpopular opinion)
  • I played hockey growing up and am a loyal Oilers fan
  • I love it when things match
  • I am happiest in the mountains
  • I enjoy golfing, even though I am objectively awful at it
  • I choose comfort over style way too often

Certified Birth Doula- CD(DONA)

DONA International

Certified Postpartum Doula- PCD(DONA)

DONA International

BSc in Psychology - In Progress

University of Alberta

Childbirth Educator - In Progress


Breastfeeding Educator - In Progress



DONA International

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