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A little about me 

Growing up, I loved all things math. I loved the formulas, the rhythmn, and above all else, the presence of black and white answers. I found comfort in the lack of ambiguity. Though I would still self identify as a little neurotic and type A (because who doesn't love a good list!) I understand now more than ever the pitfalls of dichotomous thinking and try to incorporate this awareness into my work as a doula.


In terms of philosophy, I was raised in a house where we weren't afraid to try a homeopathic or suffer through the wrath of oregano oil but also with a deep respect for science. To this day, I truly believe that traditional and holistic medicine can successfully coexist and even complement each other. This belief guides my work as a doula as I have a genuine appreciation for the contributions of both modern and alternative medicine. 

When not attending births, I am for all intents and purposes a busy busy bee! I am currently pursing a Bachelor of Science complemented with a Biomedical Research Certificate at the University of Alberta, volunteering with the Terra Centre for teen moms, coaching speed skating with Special Olympics, and sitting on the U of A Student Advisory Committee. Any leftover time is spent golfing (quite poorly), baking, going to country music concerts, or indulging in a bit of Greys Anatomy.


My hope for the future is to continue on to medical school and above all else, start a family. 





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Healing After Birth

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Spinning Babies

Tammy Ryan


Infant First Aid & CPR

Little Lungs First Aid

A Few Fun Facts

  •  I LOVE the snow! 
  • I was my high school's valedictorian
  • I am a sucker for a good rom-com
  • I think steak is gross (probably my most unpopular opinion)
  • I played hockey growing up and am a loyal Oilers fan
  • I love it when things match
  • I am happiest in the mountains
  • I enjoy golfing, even though I am objectively awful at it
  • I choose comfort over style way too often

Certified Birth Doula- CD(DONA)

DONA International

Postpartum Doula- Certification In Progress

DONA International

BSc in Biological Science - In Progress

University of Alberta

Childbirth Educator - In Progress


Breastfeeding Educator - In Progress



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