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As of 2020, I am very happy to be providing all birth services through Beautiful Blessings Birth Services.  All inquiries for birth doula services can now be directed through Beautiful Blessings at the following link.


In conjunction with this partnership, doula services will now be provided on a shared care basis. This means that each family will have an opportunity to work with two doulas, one of which will be on call at the time of your birth on a rotating basis. Shared care does not add any additional cost to your services. 

To learn more about the role of a birth doula & what is included with your package, please make your way to the following link

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Photo by Tia Biggs

A birth doula works with you and your support system to make your birth as positive and memorable as possible. We learn your preferences in advance and are a reliable and compassionate source of support before, during, and after your birth.

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"Working with Tia was a pleasant experience for both and my wife and I. Having our first baby we didn’t know exactly what to expect but Tia was able to support us and offer educated answers to many of our questions. Working with Tia as a doula was a very positive experience as a first time father, Tia never over stepped any boundaries with us or any of the professional health staff yet she was always able to ensure our best interests were taken care of. I can’t say enough good things about how beneficial it was to have a doula available to be there to support us throughout the special event. Tia was super friendly, fun, kind, knowledgeable and will be a recommendation to all of our friends and family. Thank you Tia! "

BK, new dad. 

I cannot begin to explain how vital Tia was to our birthing process. I am so grateful for her experience as a doula. Tia was gentle, calming and confident in assisting not only me through the labor experience but was really great in supporting my husband as well. 


I have always believed in the importance of natural birth but due to some unforeseeable circumstances after a long 28 hour labor I was informed I would have to have a cesarean. I began to panic as the medical team threw scrubs at my husband. Tia stepped in and remained at my side while he was preparing and was fantastic. She explained what was happening and was able to calm me down. 


Tia absolutely met all of my expectations, and then some. My labour was lengthy and my delivery was not how I had anticipated it to go but Tia helped me to utilize coping skills and coached my husband through my contractions providing suggestions for the best ways to support me.   Tia was a great support for my husband, kept him company, explained processes and provided a wonderful support during what was a long and tedious delivery. I realized the importance a doula can have not only for myself but for my husband too. "

- AK, new mom

The Evidence on Doulas

Evidence Based Birth provides a wonderful article outlining not only what a doula does but the statistically supported benefit of hiring a doula.

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