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Let's get on the same page! Photography is an art full of personal preference which makes finding the right photographer incredibly important. I want you to love & cherish the photos I take for you and your family, so please read on to learn a little more about my process & style and background...


The Simple Stuff! 

Where are you located? I am located in Edmonton, Alberta & am willing to travel to surrounding areas including St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and Beaumont. If you are hoping for your photos to be taken somewhere else, please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss this possibility. 

Do you shoot in a studio? I am happy to provide a space for simple headshots, however I most often take photos in home or outside. That being said, we are lucky to have several gorgeous studios in the Edmonton area that we can explore. If you would prefer to book a studio, a studio fee will be added. 

What is the investment? Lifestyle photos, including newborn, maternity & family photos are $325 for a 1 to 2 hour session. Birth photography (which we will explore in more depth below!) is $1150. 

Will my photos be shared on social media? Each and every family will be sent a photo sharing consent form that will give you an opportunity to decide your level of comfort with your photos being shared. You are in control of this!

The Look!

How would you describe your style? Candid moments are my favourite moments. While I am more than happy to provide guidance & direction to help produce a particularly aesthetically pleasing photo, you can also expect me to document all the silly, the raw & the connection. This is why I have found my niche in birth & documentary photography where I blend into the background & capture your reality. 

How do you decide how to edit a gallery? I see editing as an opportunity to bring out the best elements of a photo that already exist. As a result, I tend to adapt my edits to the setting rather than taking a more homogenous approach. What this means, is that outdoor photos & indoor settings with a clean will typically be edited with a brighter style (like you see above), whereas I gravitate more towards a moody style for busy and/or dark setting (like you see below). I also love to mix in lots of black & whites to highlight the emotion in a photo. 

The Technicalities!

What format will my photos be in? Your gallery will be shared using Pixieset with an opportunity to download your photos as a .jpeg.

When will I get my photos? I try to return photos as fast as possible. While this often means your edited gallery will be returned within a few days, this process can take up to three weeks. 

Do you share RAW files? Unless agreed upon prior to booking your session, RAW files will not be shared. 

When & how can I pay for photos? Payment for lifestyle sessions is due at the time of hire. For birth photography, 50% is due at the time of hire and the remaining 50% is due at 36 weeks. Payment can be made by e-transfer upon signing a contract. 

The Birth Stuff!

Do you use flash at a birth? This is up to you & can change in the moment if you wish! Photos absolutely need adequate lighting and as a result, discreetly using flash can significantly enhance the quality of your photos. That being said, protection of the birth space is my top priority, which means that I give each family the ability to share there preference prenatally, and shift this preference at any time. 

What is your experience with birth? I have been a birth doula for more than three years & have attended more than 40 births! This means that I am not only incredibly familiar with birth, and its many complexities, but also working with healthcare professionals. 

What happens if you can't attend the birth? While I am quite familiar with life on call, the unpredictability of birth can fool even the best of plans. As a result I have several backup birth photographers who I can reach out to in the event that I cannot make it. If I am denied access to your birth location due to visitor restrictions, you will receive a partial refund (50%) + a newborn/fresh 48 session. In the event that a backup is required for combined doula + birth photography services, I will first reach out to a colleague who also offers both services and ideally have her provide back-up. In the event that she is not available, a backup doula will be sent and 40% refund will be offered. Please note that the backup birth doula will still be able to take non-professional photos for you to keep as memories. 

How likely is it that you will need backup? The answer to this question will be best answered on a case-by-case basis. However, I wish to be transparent that I will be in full time school between the months of August and May. While this most often won't cause any problems given the flexible nature of my program, any mandatory assessments (i.e. exams etc.) will require that backup be provided.  This is in addition to unexpected and unavoidable issues such as sickness.  


What is different about birth photography? When photographing a birth, I do my very best to blend in to the background so that you can focus on welcoming your baby! This means that I will not be posing or making suggestions throughout the birth, and may only do this if you feel up for it after baby in born. I also tend to include a much larger proportion of black and white photos because they do such an excellent job of drawing your attention to the emotion & the moment. 

Will you continue to take photos if complex medical situations arise? You will have an opportunity to share your preferences about moments where you would prefer photos not be taken. If your preferences change following the birth, please share this with me and I will exclude these photos from the gallery. 

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