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The world of podcasts is diverse in both quality and content. I would often click on one, listen for five minutes, and then decide that podcast lovers were nuts. That was until I stumbled across 'Terrible, Thanks for Asking,' sometimes better known as TTFA. It came to me at a time when I would wake up longing for the days end and became my refuge.

This podcast is a tool, a companion, and a window into a side of humanity that is often forgotten in current media- the real stuff. This podcast is not about comparison or ideals, just real people discussing the difficult and often isolating perils that we all must navigate. Each speaker brings a unique story and a genuine desire to share about a time in their life that challenged them to their core.

I share this podcast because it has the ability to both comfort and humble. It is a free and accessible tool that I believe we all could use to better our days. Whether you listen to this podcast in the midst of darkness, change, or joy, it is an incredible resource.

Though this podcast is not targeted to new or expectant families, I wholeheartedly recommend it nonetheless.

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